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Kangoo Jumps is the worldwide leading brand for safe mobile rebound exercise. It is the result of 20 years of studies and product development; using Swiss engineering design to a unique rebounding shoe. Kangoo Jumps are the world’s lowest impact shoe. The patented IPS, Impact Protection System reduces impact up to 80%, you can now enjoy all cardio exercises with little or no joint pain.


Kangoo Jumps can last for many years; however, they need a reasonable amount of maintenance to keep them in top performance. Remember: you can compress their IPS 4’000 times every single hour. So, please follow these simple maintenance guidelines:

  1. T-Springs: this is the component that needs the most attention. We recommend replacing them after every 60-80 hours of use, even though they can last longer. If you exceed that time:
    • The rebound effect will be reduced.
    • You may experience shell breakages because overused T-Springs put more stress on them.
  2. Shells: do not require special care. Occasionally a shell may break after many hours of use, especially under extended intense off-road use.
  3. Liners: can be machine washed at 30° Do not tumble dry them.
  4. Treads/ Sole: are made of excellent material. They can last a very long time, especially when used indoors. After outdoor use, remove the stones which might get caught in the tread to prevent damaging indoor floors.
  5. Buckles: when they become difficult to snap, they need oiling. Put a drop of machine oil on your finger, lift the buckle and rub your finger on the small metal hook.
  6. After running on the beach (or a dirt path) make sure you carefully disassemble the T-springs and carefully clean the components to remove oil, sand, mud, or salt.
  7. Regularly checks the bolts under the top hard shell. Use a number 5 allen key to tighten the bolts.
  8. Boots Squeaking: This is what we call a squeaker, it is the natural saddle noise of the boots, but intensified. They happen and can be fixed. Tighten the bolts at the bottom, if the front nut is not secured this noise is made.


Kangoo Jumps Shoes are perfect for the entire family. They are designed for all ages and fitness levels and are very easy to use. Jogging, athletic training, strength, and conditioning programmes. Group Fitness Classes and Kangoo Jumps Programs Therapeutic and rehabilitation programmes. The shoe technology provides both stability and comfort. Adaptation to Kangoo Jumps is quick and natural.

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